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About Us

AMA Holding Company launched in 2014 to consolidate the various range of projects in the UAE in particular and generally Gulf countries in trade sectors and real estate investments, contracting, auctions and real estate registration under one umbrella, along with the launch of several quality initiatives in various sectors that contribute to the promotion of the status of the UAE and the region as a whole.

Specialization fields

Committed AMA Holding Group work together with communities to meet the challenges and to find investment opportunities in those communities by identifying projects that achieve development and sustainable returns for partners, and to contribute to economic and social development in the United Arab Emirates and countries in which it operates

Our Services


Contribute to social and economic development and work to achieve prosperity in the communities in which we operate


Growth of sustainable financial returns for the benefit of shareholders, partners, employees, communities, and through commitment, highly professional, and balanced partnership

Ambition and innovation

We encourage innovation to increase investment opportunities, Azouz creativity and ambition continuously in all of our company.

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Tel: (+971) 600565654

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